My Doggy Advisor is a personal blog that started to help me to understand the tons of information available about dogs and summarize them in easy-to-understand pages. I hope it helps others as well to become better and more responsible dog owners.

The blog contains information about dog training, dog food, dog health, the general well-being of dogs, and how to build a good and responsible connection between the dog and the owner.

About me

I always liked dogs and to be honest I prefer them to cats. I think dogs connect to the people but cats connect to the house.

I had my first dog at the age of 14, she was a beautiful Rottweiler. That was the time when I realized that a dog would be able to die for its owner. However such a powerful dog is a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of training and socializing, so I wish I had known more about these at that time.

My next dog was a small mixed terrier, who traveled through many countries with me. But she didn’t socialize too much with other dogs, so again I wish I would have done that a bit more.

Then I moved to a big city, and I didn’t want to have a dog in the flat, so I was without a dog for about 10 years.

I now moved back to the countryside, so I’m looking forward to my next furry friend.

Thanks for being here

I’d be interested in your feedback, so please let me know if you like or don’t like this blog, it would help me to make it better.