When a dog becomes sick, there are several things that you can do as a pet owner to help them recover. One of the most recommended ways to help sick dogs is to feed them a diet with chicken and rice. But how much chicken and rice for dogs is acceptable?

Let’s take a closer look at when rice for dogs is recommended, along with how to prepare it and how much chicken and rice for dogs you should feed your sick pet.

When Should a Dog Be Fed Chicken and Rice?

Chicken and rice are typically recommended when dogs are sick with something that causes their stomach to be upset. For example, chicken and rice are a popular diet for dogs with diarrhea, since diarrhea will make them very dehydrated and can rob them of essential nutrients. Chicken and rice for dogs are also recommended if your dog has been vomiting, has gas, or is recovering from illness or surgery. Chicken is recommended because it is high in protein and Omega-6 fatty acids, while rice provides several types of vitamins and is also a good source of starch.

Preparing Chicken and Rice Safely for Dogs

Chicken and rice for dogs should be prepared in a dog-friendly manner.

First, use the right type of ingredients. Rice for dogs should be brown rice, not white rice; and make sure that you use white chicken meat, with no bones or fat.

Next, cook it properly so that it stays simple and healthy for your dogs. The simplest way to prepare this diet for your dogs is to boil the chicken until it is cooked. Then drain the chicken, and cut it into small pieces so that your pet can consume it safely. Likewise, boil the rice in water (or the water/broth you have just drained from your boiled chicken, never use canned broth!) and cook it as you normally would.

Do not add any seasonings to either the chicken or rice, including spray oils or butter.

How Much Chicken and Rice Should a Dog Eat?

When you are looking for a diet for dogs with diarrhea or a diet for dogs recovering from illness or surgery, it is important not to feed them too much, or too little.

To determine how much chicken and rice your dog should eat, you should consider your dog’s weight. As a general rule of thumb, your dogs need about 25 to 30 calories per body weight pound each day. A cup of chicken and rice, as prepared above, will have around 350 to 400 calories per cup, depending on how much you shred the chicken.

On average, this means that if your dog weighs 10 lbs, they will need only .75 cups of chicken/rice; if your dog weighs 30 lbs, they will need 2.25 cups of chicken/rice; if your dog weighs 70 lbs, they will need 5.25 cups of chicken/rice and so on.

Remember to consult with your vet before feeding your dog this diet.