Summer presents the perfect weather to head to the beach and enjoy a great time outdoors with your puppy. Unfortunately, unlike humans, dogs get hotter quicker because they have fewer sweat glands. This effectively leaves them with panting as the primary way to stay cool.

The risk of overheating is prevalent in younger puppies. The tendency to suffer a heatstroke more than doubles since younger pups aren’t developed enough to regulate their temperature like older dogs. Even with very furry breeds, their young pups won’t have grown their temperature regulating double coats. As you would expect, most puppies are playful and rambunctious. This can be a real issue for brachycephalic breeds like French Bulldogs and Pugs, as their flat back dampens the effect of their panting.

So, it’s left for you, the owner, to make sure they remain cool on hot summer days. Of course, you can always choose to keep your puppy indoor and let your air conditioner do the job. However, for pups that love to be out in the sunshine, owners must ensure they do all they can to help them stay cool and comfortable.

Thinking of how to keep your puppy cool in the summer? Then pay attention to these tips below.

Offer Cool Hydration

Most dogs pant to regulate their temperature. Cold water aids this process as it quickens the evaporation that follows this panting process. However, a dehydrated pup is more susceptible to heatstroke.

So, ensure you always have clean and cool water on hand before you step out. If your dog isn’t a big lover of fluids, you can add them to its food.

As we all know, playful puppies tend to knock over their water bowl. This might be a problem if you’re not at home and only have a limited supply of water. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, dig a hole in the ground and fix a shallow watering pail inside. This hole serves two purposes; it helps to keep the water cool and stops your dog from kicking it over.

Find A Cool Shade

If you plan to hang out for a long while with your pup, then it’s crucial to have a nice and cold spot or shade where they can cool off now and then. A tree shade, sunshade canopy, a patio umbrella, or anything else that can provide a safe cover from the sun will do just fine. Also, a doghouse or ventilated dog crate with good ventilation access will help keep them cool.

In sweltering conditions, placing your puppy in the shade may still leave them vulnerable to heat exhaustion. In this case, the best to do is take them back into the house, where it’s colder and safer.

Get Misty

Misting fans work by introducing tiny droplets of water into the air to lower your pup’s body temperature. This water has a cooling effect as it evaporates on the fur of the dogs. You can place the fan on a comfortable spot such as the deck, porch, or near your pup’s doghouse or pen. Ensure there’s a covering such as concrete, grass, or wood on the floor where you will be misting. Having water on bare mud can create an unwanted mess.

Usually, a lighter mist tends to be a safer and better option overrunning a hose full of water and drenching your dog. While some dogs may enjoy the gush of water on their fur and may even guzzle a few liters, it’s not safe for them to take in large quantities of water too quickly. This can cause a phenomenon known as water intoxication. In extreme and rare cases, this condition can be fatal.

Freeze a Treat

Another way to keep your puppy cool is by stuffing its favorite chewy toy with soft blended food with water or chicken broth, and then put it in the freezer and let it cool. This “popsicle” treat will help your pup remain cool. You can also use a combo of baby food and yogurt to make iced chewy treats for your dog. The cooling effect of this treat can also help alleviate the pains associated with teething and help keep your pup engaged and mentally stimulated.

Organize a Pool Party

Pups love a good time in the water. You can use a kiddie wading pool to host your dog to some splash pleasure. Since your puppy is likely to deflate an inflatable version, a molded pool is your best bet. You can invite a few other doggies to the party — the more, the merrier. You can also introduce floating toys to help your pup get comfortable in the water.

To ensure the safety of your puppy, never leave it unattended while in the pool and keep the water shallow so it can get out easier.

Dig a Dugout

Some pups naturally love to dig the ground, so this should be fun. You can create a sandbox in a shaded spot for your dog to cool in. It would help if you also wet the sand to make it easier for them to scoop with their tiny paws.

Use Cooling Technology

Some materials do an excellent job of keeping the body cool when soaked in water. This technique is popularly used by athletes and can also help keep your pet cool. These cooling products include collars, beds, jackets, and scarves for indoor and outdoor use. Soak them in water for an evaporative cooling effect that can last several hours.

If you would instead not buy any cooling product, you can also allow your pup to lie on a soaked towel for a similar cooling effect.

Go Out at Dawn or Dusk

For pups with a daily walk or exercise routine, you can limit their walks only when the sun rises before dawn or when it sets at dusk. For puppies, the threat of heat exhaustion is serious, and watch out because the tarmac may also be scorching hot and can damage their fragile paws.

Keep Your Home Cool

While lesser, your pup is also at risk of overheating in your home during summer. Ensure you keep your home as cool as possible with the help of an air condition or fan. Also, ensure your pup rests in an area that is either protected or not exposed to direct sunlight.

Choose a Suitable Bed

A cozy and squishy bed may not always be the best option for your pup. For example, during summer, a mattress like that can get hot. So instead, choose a colder and more comfortable area for your dog during hot weather. For instance, beds that are elevated from the floor tend to be colder and have better airflow.