Typical dog toys like ropes and bones won’t entertain dogs for very long, and constantly splashing money on a new and exciting toy isn’t very economical either. The solution lies in investing in mind-stimulating interactive toys for your dog that can readily be bought in the market.

To live a joyful and fulfilled life, dogs need to be always stimulated, especially for the good of their cognitive and mental development. This is particularly important if your dog spends a long time alone while you’re away at work or school.

I talked to a few professional trainers for their expert opinion to help you choose the best interactive dog toys to keep your pup occupied and entertained when you’re away. These exciting games that range from automatic ball launchers to treat balls – can help keep your dog engaged and enhance their physical and mental skills. Some of these games even reward them with prizes and treats for a job well done. For even more toy selections that your pups will love, check our best dog toys for all kinds of pups.

Advantages of Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive dog toys are beneficial for dogs as it gives them an outlet to explore their natural hunting instincts. Some of the key benefits of getting an interactive toy for your dog include:

  • Stimulates them mentally, especially puzzle toys and games.
  • Keeps them engaged
  • Reduces boredom
  • Satisfies their natural hunting and curious nature
  • A source of entertainment for owners

Ensure you first read and understand the makers' manual before you use the toy. Also, supervise your dog's interaction with the toy until you're convinced that your pup can use it safely.

Why Does Your Dog Need Interactive Dog Toys?

If you’re still not convinced on the need to buy your dog an interactive toy, then here are five compelling reasons to help you better what you and your furry friends stand to gain from an interactive toy:

  • It encourages exercise: compared to the ancient days, dogs today don’t have as much freedom to exercise and explore the world. Most dogs only get to exercise for a few hours when their owner returns from school or work. An interactive dog toy ensures that your pup can get enough exercise even in your absence.
  • It stimulates the mind: dogs need as much mental stimulation as physical exercise. Dogs that lack mental stimulation will not grow to be as healthy and happy as they should be. Most interactive dog toys try to help dogs make sense of puzzles and quizzes that inevitably strengthen their problem-solving ability. Owners can also revel in the entertainment of watching their dogs solve puzzles.
  • Keeps your dog engaged when you are out: most dog owners almost tear up when they see their pup downcast as they prepare to leave the house. Interactive dog toys present an opportunity for owners to keep their dogs engaged and happy even in their absence. These toys will keep the dog entertained for several hours, so they never have to feel alone and bored at the same time.
  • Promotes healthy weight: your dog can become overweight or even obese if it doesn’t get enough exercise. Overweight dogs are also susceptible to several other health problems. Fortunately, an interactive novelty toy can help your furry friend move around more and get more exercise.
  • It discourages unwanted behavior: when most dogs are left on their own, they can quickly resort to harmful or undesirable behavior such as indiscriminate biting and chewing of furniture and other home items. Thankfully, you no longer have to worry about a destructive or lousy pup when you keep their minds entertained with an interactive toy.

Types of Interactive Dog Toys

Most interactive dog toys work based on one fundamental concept: your dog first needs to interact with them before they can be effective. Some of the common kinds of interactive dog toys that you can get for your furry friend today include:

  • Electronic toys: electronic dog toys use the stimulating effect of sound and light to get your dog’s attention and keep them stimulated.
  • Treat dispensing toys: this self-explanatory toy dishes out treats to your dog for completing an activity.
  • Hide-and-seek toys: this kind of toy challenges your dog to deploy its puzzle and problem-seeking ability.
  • Ball launchers: this toy offers more fun and interactive way to play fetch as your dog can fetch the ball for as long as possible without the owner.
  • Mobile toys: this moveable toy challenges your dog to find and pursue it. This interactive toy awakens your dog’s predatory and hunting instincts.
  • Tension toys: If your dog is a big lover of tug-of-war and jaw grabbing activity, then an interactive tension toy will keep its jaws and mouth active all day.

How to Select the Perfect Interactive Dog Toy?

Buying the ideal interactive toy for your dog can be a confusing and challenging job. But if you want to be sure that your purchase is going to keep your dog entertained and stimulated, then here are a few points you need to think about:

  • The Correct Size: always factor in the dog’s size when mulling over which toy to buy. Getting a small toy for a large dog increases the risk of choking, and smaller dogs will not be suited to larger-sized toys.
  • Durability: dogs can get pretty destructive at times. You don’t want your shiny new toy ravaged to bits. Consider your pup’s chewing and biting habits before buying a toy.
  • Safety: if your dog has several allergies or is sensitive to new materials, you might want to double-check the toy’s material before you purchase it. Dogs can also try to nibble and bite on toys, so be sure the toy is made of safe and hygienic materials.
  • Fun: Last but not least, dogs love to have fun, so be sure to pick a toy that will fill them with joy. A dog with no passion for fetch will likely not be too keen on interacting with a fetch toy. Ensure you choose a toy that mirrors your dog habits and personality.


Wickedbone is an interactive smart dog toy that plays and interacts with your dogs. You will be able to set it to Drive Mode where you can control it with your mobile phone, or set it to the interactive mode for the toy to auto-play with your dog.

  • Link: Buy on Amazon
  • Features: Smart and interactive
  • Dog size: Suitable for any size

The Wickedbone adapts to your dog by way of 12 types of emotionally driven systems. It acts responsively to different types of touch, such as chasing, teasing, or avoiding, and so on.

Skymee Owl Robot

The Skymee Owl Robot is the latest in smart toys for dogs and the ultimate choice for the home-alone dog. It is not only an automatic moving smart toy, it is also a pet camera with two-way communication and a treat dispenser.

  • Link: Buy on Amazon
  • Features: Smart, interactive, camera and treat dispenser
  • Dog size: Suitable for any size

This device runs off your home 2.4Ghz WiFi and you can access it from the phone app wherever you are. The big advantage this device has over other pet dispensing pet cameras is that you can drive it from room to room. Most treat dispensing pet cameras stay in a fixed position.

PetGeek Playbone

If you are looking for a motorized chase bone for your dog, but the additional functions of the others are out of your budget or not needed this is a great alternative.

  • Link: Buy on Amazon
  • Features: Smart, interactive
  • Dog size: Suitable for any size

The PetGeek Playbone is similar to the other chase bone type toys except it doesn’t have a smart app so you can not control the toy or activate it when your not home. However, price-wise it is significantly cheaper.

You simply pat the bone and it bursts into action. It can be easily dismantled and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.